What is College Works Painting?

Undergraduate students have an unparalleled opportunity to gain real-world professional experience by working through every step of the business process including marketing, selling, delivery, follow up and everything in between.

The College Works Internship Program teaches expense management, communication skills and community values while promoting personal integrity and professional responsibility.

An industry-leading business plan ensures success through a proven, time-tested, step-by-step process. Homeowners are presented with a valuable, hassle-free home improvement service at competitive prices which is then rendered by an expertly trained group of painters.

The entire process is managed by the intern with support from an experienced team of professionals. The result is hands-on experience, earned income for tuition and other expenses and the community-enhancing effects of a newly-painted home. 

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We offer the following services and much more:

Customized scope of work creation

Color design consultations

Exterior painting

Prep work

Pressure washing

Deck & fence painting

What is College Works Painting?

College Works in
the Community

College Works Painting contributes wholeheartedly to local communities in many ways. Company executives and managers donate time, labor and financial support while collecting goods for charity and encouraging the widespread participation of team members, interns, subcontractors and customers alike.

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