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Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) - Ann Arbor, MI - July 13, 2021

This job is very rewarding if you put in the time, but it is not for people who can’t work hard and long hours. Most importantly, this job gave me experience in so many different sectors, that it gave me leverage in almost all of my interviews for nearly any position I applied for. Effectively, I found a way to relate any question to this position at CWP, and the interviewees are always impressed. They are impressed for good reasoning, as I would credit my growth from this job as the most growth in my professional career to date. However, you not only need to sacrifice time, but money, as this position is unpaid until you complete your first job (production), which was 5 months after I started! As for those who quit before production, they didn’t get paid anything.
Clearly, this job isn’t for those who are uncommitted. With that said, be prepared to work harder than you likely ever did, but note that the effort is forever rewarding (future possibilities and skills). Once you finally start get paid (via production), the checks are decently large, assuming you book over the goal everyone should have at minimum: 70K of revenue.
Note that you will have a talented manager, who will “help” you, but acts more as a resource to answer your questions, to hold you accountable, and to push you! However, don’t be mistaken, they are usually talented people, so use them, but don’t expect them to run your business or hold your hand. These managers excelled in the entry position the prior year, so know what it takes to succeed. Moreover, I can’t tell you how many times I hear of successful people in varying jobs throughout the years that once worked here!
This job is exceptionally beneficial for developing sales talent, that is, if you do good, as it means that you are actually good at sales. Besides that, you will learn how to do marketing via cold calls, door to door, and internet; managing via production or marketing teams you pay; recruitment via hiring crews; training via training them; and finance via paying them. And no, it is not a pyramid scheme. 

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - East Lansing, MI - November 18, 2019

I had a great time at CWP ran a 143k business and made 46k! It was a bunch of hardwork but it all paid off with the experience I got for my future!

Branch Manager (Current Employee) - Grand Rapids, MI - September 7, 2018

College Works Painting offers a great opportunity for college students who want to stand out over their peers. Great for any major that wants to build professional skills such as, communication, leadership, management, etc. Requires a lot of work to be successful but that is the same for anything in life. great overall experience.

Branch Manager (Current Employee) - Grand Rapids, MI - September 7, 2018

This is a very fast paced, competitive environment to work in. But there are a lot of opportunities to have fun, whether that is paid company trips or trips won to Cancun.

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - East Lansing, MI - September 11, 2016

This program is an incredible opportunity to gain intangible skills that are essential to get a job. It is an awesome environment filled with motivated and driven individuals who want to better themselves. I learned how to manage my time and push myself outside of my comfort zone. The executives in the company are caring and helpful to each individual. I felt well prepared and trained to run a very successful business.

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - Grand Rapids, MI - September 3, 2016

This internship puts you through a lot of difficulties that challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Overall, the experience is great because you are thrown into the management position of a business and it’s up to you whether you sink or swim, which really forces you to grow and become better. You learn what motivates you, how to deal with people, and how to effectively plan and budget. It’s a great preview for how one should learn to behave in the workforce in the future.

Local Branch Manager (Current Employee) - Clarkston, MI - April 28, 2015

In the beginning it took me three weeks to catch up to my peers but now I’m one of the top in the state. By no means am I the most intelligent or most efficient worker on the team but if you put in the effort you will get amazing results that will change how you think about business and yourself. I consider myself somewhat emotional which brought me way down but with the help of the huge support group and amazing culture above me I was able to achieve goals I would of never would have believed came from me just a few months ago. Great new friends, possible future business partners and a totally new idea of what business is like is what I got to experience. Absolutely recommend for those who want to better themselves in a multitude of areas that you wouldn’t expect.

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - Grand Rapids, MI - May 12, 2014

Door to door sales that allowed me to learn the importance of high level prospecting and setting meetings with all decision makers present to avoid objections. I would prospect clients, set meetings, give presentations, and paint the houses. My co-workers were also young and it kept things a lot of fun when we would have company outings. Hardest part of the job was painting the houses. The most enjoyable part was painting all clients houses that started off as cold leads.

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - Grand Rapids, MI - January 17, 2013

Cold calling and self-marketing were the manner in which sales leads are obtained, after which the branch manager is responsible for estimating the paint contract and selling the work. Once sold, the manager also hires a painting crew and sees the job through completion.