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7 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal & Market Value

Okay, so you’ve done your spring cleaning. Your house is in tip-top shape…on the inside that is. The outside, you realize, still looks rundown from the winter months. It’s time to get the outside matching the inside.

These tips can help you to get your entire home looking beautiful.

No. 1: Pressure wash. Usually, you do not realize how dingy your house looks until you start with a pressure washer. If you do not own a pressure washer, they are easy to rent from a place like Home Depot or other home improvement stores.

  • Hint: Make sure you wash, not only the sides of your home, but also the doors, garage doors, and deck as well.

No 2: Windows. Wash the windows! Spring is a great time to open the curtains wide and enjoy the beautiful flowers, but you can’t enjoy the beauty through dirty windows! If that’s not enough of a reason, click here to check out these 5 reasons for why washing your windows is essential to spring cleaning.

  • Hint: Don’t forget to remove your screens and wash them with soapy water.

No 3: Paint. Whether it’s repainting the outside of your entire home or simply freshening up chipping paint around the windows and doors, painting can be one of the most beneficial ways to improve the value and look of your home.

  • Hint: If you are painting yourself, make sure you scrape off existing paint that is chipping, sanding if necessary, and be sure you use a high quality primer before painting.

No. 4: Gutters. We all know April showers bring May flowers, so get your gutters cleaned out in preparation for the spring rain. Gutters do their job best when clean.

  • Hint: Check for build-up, especially if trees hover over the roof. Moisture trapped in the build-up can leave your house susceptible to mold and mildew and can cause major damage to your roof and walls.

No. 5: Freshen up the deck. The harsh winter months can be brutal to your deck, especially if it is wooden. Pull out the pressure washer, or grab your hose and some deck cleaner.

  • Hint: Here is a list of a few recommended deck cleaners to help prolong the life of your deck.

No. 6: Landscaping. No need to add a fancy fountain or plant all new trees, simply trimming back anything that has overgrown or died during the winter months will help to brighten up your yard.

  • Hint: If you have trees, check the roots and make sure they are not proliferating into areas they should not be. Roots can wreak havoc on your home and septic system

No. 7: Make sure everything is running smoothly. Spring time is the perfect time to walk around your home and make sure everything is working properly. Check the batteries of your smoke detectors and alarm systems, double check your locks and door handles. Grab a can of WD-40 and hit all the hinges of the doors around your house as well as latches on gates outside.

Make a list of what needs to be done outside to spruce up your home and tackle each project one at a time.
Be sure to consider the order your doing things, it would be a shame to start cleaning windows and realize your going to have to rewash them after you pressure wash later.

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