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Don’t Break The Bank– Cheap And Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

According to the Groundhog Day tradition, spring can show up early some years. Whenever that may be the case, you may consider getting an early start on those seasonal home improvement projects.

You’ve done your overall spring cleaning, the mopping, the dusting, the vacuuming, but something is still missing. It’s time to pull out a few old tricks to get your house really looking good. Whether you are looking to clean up your home to put it on the market, or just for your own enjoyment, there are many ways to add that “wow factor” without emptying your bank account.

Here are five quick and economical ways to improve the look of your home — starting with the interior.

Add Some Color

Swapping out your old throw pillows for some new shams or adding chic vases to your side tables can brighten up any room. Blues, greens, and oranges make for great accent pieces. You can check your local Target for reasonably priced accessories or bargain hunt online at overstock.com or wayfair.com.

Let There be Light

Change your burned out lightbulbs and clean the ones that are still working. With a few rags and all purpose cleaner, you can dust off any exposed lightbulbs, wipe down all of the fixtures and have your lighting scheme looking brighter in no time. You will be surprised at how much brighter your room looks after the winter dust accumulation is removed! To add extra nuances of light, consider floor lamps and some table lamps to add dimension to a room.

Clean Your Window Treatments

Many draperies and curtains are machine washable. Before you do this, be sure to check the product labels. You can also dry clean fabric shades and wipe wooden blinds with a damp cloth. Warm water mixed with a mild dishwashing liquid is safe for metal and vinyl blinds. If you have heavy draperies, try removing them for the spring and summer months to let more light into the home.

Polish the Hardware

Its easy to forget about, but polishing the metal hardware around your home will help to make your home shine. Liquid polishes and polish-impregnated cloths work well for medium-tarnished surfaces; pastes and creams are for heavier work. If the tarnish doesn’t come off, try a stronger product.

Liven Things Up with Flowers

Nothing says springtime like fresh flowers. Blooming buds add color and natural aromas while brightening your house, and welcoming spring into your home.

To keep you on track with your cleaning check out Martha Stewarts Spring Cleaning Checklist
and be sure to share any tips or ideas you have with us in the comments below

Its time to get your home looking good!

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