100: Shawn Baldwin | How To Get into Real Estate Development Business

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt chats with Shawn Baldwin, President of Baldwin & Sons, who has an extensive background in residential real estate development and has held various positions of increasing responsibility with the Baldwin Companies. He is a graduate of the College of Southern California. Baldwin & Sons has been in business since 1956. Shawn will talk about his definition of excellence and the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations. He will also talk about how to become a real estate investor, land and real estate development, and the many roles in real estate. You will learn how to excel as an entry-level real estate developer. You will understand the difference between vertical and horizontal land development.


He has a land development business, a real estate development business, a construction company, an investment company, and a property management company; he will talk about how he ran all these companies, including his path to becoming president. He will talk about his seven-month trip abroad to find himself and the transformation that experience brought. You will understand how Shawn’s father laid the foundation for them to be excellent. You will discover what Shawn considers one of the most momentous decisions he has made in his life.

Join Matt and Shawn for a fascinating conversation about real estate, the legacy of a generation, and mentors.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Shawn’s definition of excellence.
  • The importance of impacting future generations of family and friends
  • Everything that makes up the life of a real estate investor
  • About Baldwin & Sons and his goals and ambitions for his business
  • Why his beginnings as an assistant superintendent were a great learning experience for him
  • His unique perspective on house flipping
  • And so much more…


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