107: Doug Diakite | The Power of Grit and Entrepreneurship

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt talks to Doug Diakite, a real estate investor and managing member at Nationwide Community Revitalization, about providing an affordable path to homeownership.

Doug will talk about his career path, from working in sheet metal contracting to becoming a successful real estate investor. He will also delve into his college life experience at UC Santa Barbara, where he came across College Works during his junior year. Doug admits he felt unprepared and shell-shocked when he started at College Works, but he shares how those experiences prepared him well for future challenges. You’ll learn how he struggled to hire reliable and good painters and how he encountered many crew issues. Doug also offers new entrepreneurs advice on interviewing and hiring.

Working in his father’s sheet metal company proved beneficial, and you’ll discover the lessons Doug learned. The experience also gave him time to reflect on his next move, which led him to real estate in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. He initially considered becoming a real estate agent or loan officer but instead took a job with a start-up asset management company. He will discuss the company’s rapid expansion as well as his own professional advancement.

The desire to become an entrepreneur was sparked by his work at College Works. After years of learning and earning, Doug teamed up with a partner to start his own business. He walks through his decision to give up a six-figure income and stability for uncertainty. Fortunately, the partnership proved successful after they overcame the initial hurdles. He will talk about the obstacles they faced and the lessons they learned.

Today, rent-to-own agreements might be stigmatized; however, Doug’s company offers a different model. He’ll go into details about it and share how it allows renters to improve their credit scores and qualify for a better interest rate.

Join Matt and Doug for a fascinating discussion about the power of grit, fulfilling and expanding your potential, and their rent-to-own model.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Doug’s definition of excellence.
  • What it takes to become an excellent real estate agent.
  • The most challenging thing Doug has ever done.
  • How he got into the real estate business.
  • How to find the right business partner.
  • Some of the biggest and most beneficial sacrifices he made.
  • And so much more…

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