11 : Kyle Emerick | What Is The 5 F’s Life And How You Can Use It Today

On today’s show of the Edge of Excellence podcast, we interview second lieutenant, Marine Corps, Kyle Emerick who shares with us thoughts on excellence, time management, and focus.

For Kyle, achieving excellence is about doing well in all facets of his life. He shares with us the 5F’s which are helping him lead a well-balanced life.



Back in high school, Kyle was drinking and partying way too much. However, in college, he came in touch with his mentor who helped him sober up and set his life in order.

Kyle was keen to separate himself from the crowd with a meaningful internship. And impressed by his incredible peers and the rigorous hiring process, Kyle chose College Works. In this segment, he shares how the internship and real-world experience that came along with it catapulted him ahead of the competition.

Currently, Kyle is a second lieutenant with the Marine Corps. He is also working on getting his engineering degree alongside. You will learn how time management and prioritization can fast-track your success in this segment of the show.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How an internship with real-world experience can be your differentiating factor
  • The 5 F’s for leading a well-balanced life
  • How time management and prioritization can fast track your success
  • And so much more…

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