113: Robert Halvorsen I Passion, Partnership, and Fostering Creativity and Innovation

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt talks with Robert Halvorsen, co-founder and CTO of Pacto Medical, a medical device company specializing in pre-filled syringes. Robert shares his journey of pursuing excellence, how he gave up a great job to become an entrepreneur, and offers insights and hacks on how to make it work.

He reveals the challenges he faced in middle school, including ADHD, and how he recovered from it. He reflects on his childhood interests and his inclination toward engineering and biology. You will hear about his experience studying biology in Costa Rica as part of a study abroad program. Robert is passionate about education and shares his involvement in the Young African Leadership Initiative. This initiative led to him teaching design thinking in Nigeria and playing a critical role in the creation of an innovation clinic.

Together with his co-founders Ryan and Ian, Robert embarked on an entrepreneurial journey driven by their shared passion for innovation. You’ll learn more about their latest entrepreneurial venture, developing pre-filled syringes for medical applications, and how well they complement each other as a team. He explains the benefits of prefilled syringes and the projected growth of this market. You’ll discover the progress they have made in the six months since they started and the next steps they’ll take on their entrepreneurial journey.

He also discusses their dream of making their technology accessible worldwide, as well as networking and proactive communication to secure opportunities. He concludes by explaining why the fear of missing out becomes less when you are passionate about what you do, and recommends “Designing Your Life” to foster creativity and innovation.

Matt announces that this is the last episode of the current season and mentions that they will be taking a break until January.

Join Matt and Robert for an insightful conversation on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur, strategic partnerships, and passion for success.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • The two facets of excellence, external and internal.
  • The importance of biomimicry and learning from nature in developing innovative solutions.
  • How much success is attributed to luck, and how much to hard work.
  • His transition from a corporate job to entrepreneurship.
  • Finding a niche when competing with larger companies.
  • The importance of seeking expertise and having contingency plans.
  • And so much more..

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