115: The 10 Things 20-Somethings Should Know

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt explores vital life skills and knowledge crucial for people in their twenties. The episode begins with a powerful message about the importance of relationship management, goal setting, and self-awareness, emphasizing that these skills don’t come naturally but must be actively developed and practiced.

Drawing from his rich experience as an entrepreneur, partner, husband, father, and mentor since 1993, Matt presents a list of the top ten things 20-somethings should know. These include time management, stress management, relationship management, goal setting, life planning, leadership, understanding DISC personality assessment, career hunting, emotional intelligence (EQ), and strategic planning.

Matt discusses how successful time management involves daily planning and adjustment, integrating both work and fun. He touches on stress management in the current high-pressure world, highlighting the importance of distinguishing between good and bad stress and developing coping mechanisms. Matt also stresses the significance of relationship management, asserting that one’s social circle greatly influences their personal and professional growth.

The episode covers goal setting and life planning, where Matt encourages people to declutter their thoughts, set short and long-term goals, and think about the legacy they want to leave. He discusses leadership as a skill that requires continuous learning and practice, emphasizing servant leadership and the need to lead with vision and values. The DISC model is recommended for better understanding of oneself and others, crucial for personal and career development. Additionally, Matt provides guidance on the career hunt process, advocating for a strategic approach to job applications and interviews.

Join Matt for this fascinating conversation.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

-How to develop and practice relationship management skills, as well as the significance of your social circle in shaping your personal and professional growth.

-How to transform dreams into actionable goals, and why goal setting is a critical skill for effective people, not just dreamers.

-Strategies for planning your day to ensure restful, worry-free sleep.

-The difference between good stress and bad stress, as well as coping mechanisms and tools for managing stress in today’s high-pressure environment.
-Explore methods for living a purpose-driven life and setting long-term goals, as well as the importance of aligning your actions with your values and dreams.

-The concept of servant leadership and leading with vision, as well as leadership styles and practices for making a meaningful impact.

-How DISC assessments can aid in career choice and improve interpersonal relationships.
Effective techniques for job hunting, including industry research and strategic application processes.

-Tips on how to efficiently navigate the job market and align career choices with personal strengths.

-The importance of self-awareness and empathy in personal and professional settings, and how to enhance your EQ for better relationships and career success.

-The role of strategic planning in achieving long-term success, as well as methods for identifying and leveraging opportunities for growth and advancement.

-And so much more…

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