13: Payson Maydew | Overcoming Adversity in Pursuit of Excellence

On today’s Edge of Excellence show, we have Payson Maydew who shares with us his thoughts on time management and positive mindset.

We start this show with Payson sharing what excellence means to him. You will learn that the path to success is laden with adversity, and the right mindset can help you overcome your biggest challenges.




Even in high school, Payson liked to keep busy as he pursued a versatile range of interests like sports, theatre, and music. And he continued to pursue his different passions even after starting his CollegeWorks internship.

Payson shares his effective time-blocking technique where he breaks down his schedule into small 10-minute chunks. Using his technique, Payson is able to do justice to all his commitments while keeping his stress in check.

In the last segment of the show, Payson gives us a peek into his life as an accountant at Deloitte. Apart from honing his number-crunching skills, Payson shares how he strives to understand the big picture. We also talk a bit about how covid has impacted him and his organization as a whole.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Effective time management strategies
  • Mindset strategies and responding to adversity
  • Importance of surrounding yourself with the right people who can help you cultivate a stellar mindset
  • And so much more…

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