14: Danny Sonenshine | Aiming for Empathy

It only took five days…

Danny Sonenshine had only been working as a legal associate in a large international firm for five days when he realized that he hated what he was doing. Every day people find themselves struggling in places that leave them unfulfilled, from their relationships to their careers.




In today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt talks with Danny Sonenshine, CEO and Founder of Far West Restaurants and former legal associate about the importance of having a strong support system when striving for excellence.


You’ll discover why Danny left his legal career behind just as it began and took a leap of faith – creating his own restaurant business, despite knowing nothing about the industry.


You’ll learn how seeking out experts and mentors helped Danny fill in the gaps in his new business, and how those mentors ended up supporting him in ways far beyond business matters.


You’ll discover the importance of applying empathy to every area of your life, not just your job or business, and that you likely have a powerful support system of friends and family around you right now… you’ve just never noticed it before.


You’ll also learn why your relationships with friends and family – those who are trying to support you – are key players in helping you to be more open-minded and optimistic.


Join Matt and Danny as they explore the vital role your environment plays in your path to excellence!



What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Why Danny left a lucrative career as a legal associate to create his own business focused on understanding people and building relationships.
  • How he learned to turn to others in order to fill the gaps in the areas he wasn’t an expert in.
  • How you can create a supportive environment for yourself, whether at home, at school or in your job.
  • Why it’s key to be open-minded and optimistic when dealing with friends and family – those who are trying to support you.
  • And so much more…

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