19: Dane Mauland | Discover The Meaning Of Passion and Excellence

On today’s show we interview Dane Mauland who shares with us his thoughts on excellence, discovering your passion, and hardcore work ethic.



Dan also reveals why he considers teaching to be the most important profession in the world. And he also shares with us how his district manager experience elevated his emotional intelligence – which eventually helped him evolve into a more effective teacher.

We start this show with Dan sharing his definition of excellence.

Contrary to the popular school of thought, Dan shares that top performance alone is not sufficient for excellence. What you are doing has to be in your wheelhouse too.

If you don’t love your work, you will find it difficult to put in the time and effort required for consistent performance.

To better illustrate his point, Dan shares with us his own work experiences. After graduating from University of Wisconsin, Dan decided to pursue investment banking. Even though he was really good at his job, Dan hated every minute of it.

Eventually, Dan decided to pursue his love for coding at App Academy – a full-stack software training program with less than a 5% acceptance rate.

On today’s show, you will also get some important lessons in work ethic and prioritization. Learn how Dan managed to run a $130,000 painting business AND a cryptocurrency mining business while majoring in business at Wisconsin.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why teaching is the most important job in the world
  • How my district manager stint taught me some important lessons in emotional intelligence
  • Why life is long and short at the same time
  • Time management and prioritization strategies
  • Sacrifices that I made in my twenties that I don’t regret
  • And so much more…

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