2: Nicole McMackin | What It Takes To Achieve Your Moonshot Goals

Ever wanted to know how successful entrepreneurs make it happen? How do they make decisions that catapult them miles ahead of the competition?

In today’s show, we interview Nicole McMackin, President, Irvine Technology Corporation who shares with you her wisdom on success, mindset, and workplace diversity.

Growing up, Nicole always possessed an incredible work ethic and focus. She credits her parents –both hard-working entrepreneurs for instilling in her foundational values that set the tone for her brilliant career.

Early on in her story, Nicole realized that she had to take massive action to meet her long-term goals…even if it meant making sacrifices in the short-run. And so, she did what any rational person would, and took a 50% pay cut to work as a Business Development Executive for a head hunter.

And this gamble paid off for her – and how.

In this new role, Nicole got the opportunity to meet the recruiting heads of some of the biggest tech companies in the region. And soon enough, she got her big break when Advecta, an information technology firm hired her as a senior account manager.

In the year 2000, armed with some great experiences, and discovering her passion for building a more diverse, inclusive workplace, Nicole decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge with ITC.

As a thought leader in her field, Nicole shares what women should do if they are being meted out differential treatment at the workplace. You will learn how deep-rooted unconscious bias is even today, and why this issue needs to be dealt with, urgently, and strategically.

Do not miss this incredible show! Enjoy!

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