22: Breanna Brady | Finding Your Zone of Excellence and Sticking to Your Convictions

How can you discover your zone of excellence? What are some of the things that you can do to find the right career path that will catapult you miles ahead of the competition?

On today’s show, we interview College Works alum Breanna Brady who shares with us her distilled wisdom on excellence, conviction, and the importance of finding your own tribe.


As always, we start this show with Breanna sharing her definition of excellence. You will learn the importance of critical self-evaluation and perseverance so that you can push yourself from being good to great.

Growing up, Breanna was admittedly confused and considered different professions ranging from law to paediatrics. Ultimately, she decided to pursue Psychology at Stony Brook University. And it was at this juncture that Breanna first came across College Works.

Owing to her competitive nature, Breanna was instinctively attracted to the College Works internship. And, she decided to give the internship her all even though her biggest advocate, her mother, was not particularly supportive. In this segment of the show, you will learn the importance of sticking to your convictions.

Other topics discussed on today’s show include the importance of optimism, flexibility, and finding your own tribe.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Finding your tribe and how a strong support system can help you ride out challenging times
  • Why you need to be positive and open-minded to being new and exciting opportunities
  • Sticking to your conviction, listening to your gut
  • Sacrifices that I don’t regret making
  • And so much more…

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