24: Scott Gladstone | How Authenticity and Collaboration Can Help You Attain Massive Success

On today’s show, we interview the incredible Scott Gladstone who shares with us his distilled wisdom on authenticity, teamwork, and work ethic.


As always, we start this show with Scott sharing his definition of excellence. Here, you will learn how authenticity is the one thing without which you cannot hope to find yourself on the edge of excellence.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family left an indelible impression on young Scott and he developed a growth-minded and creative mindset.

After graduating from Santa Barbara, Scott had a financially rewarding but ill-aligned stint at Bear Stearns. Encouraged by his mentor, Scott decided to quit his well-paying job and pursue his passion for automobiles by joining Sparco USA at the age of 23.

A supplier of high-end racing accessories, Sparco grew rapidly until Scott’s able leadership. However, 10 years later, Scott found himself wanting to transition out after his partners decided to exit and cash in on the company’s success.

So, in 2005, Scott started working as the COO of a much larger, much structured group, Anna’s Linens.

In 2015, fuelled by his entrepreneurial passions, Scott started a consulting business, Oceancrest Partners, LLC.

Currently, as the President of emotoring.com, Scott is massively transforming the traditional automotive experience.

This is a show you do not miss.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How being authentic can entrench you on the path of excellence
  • Build trusting and exceeding expectations to build brand equity
  • Why there is no alternative to hard work
  • Importance of surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you
  • And so much more…

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