33: Sean Nachtigall | Shedding Your Fears And Venturing Into The Unknown

On today’s show, we interview Sean Nachtigall who shares with us his distilled wisdom on grit, belief, and embracing the unknown.

Growing up, Sean was averse to sales and marketing. He had some preconceived (and utterly false) notions that were shattered once he started working as a College Works painter.

Sean shares his big why for taking up the College Works internship in today’s show. You will learn why embracing discomfort is the only way to grow to the next level.

Admittedly, Sean was absolutely terrified in the initial phase of the internship. But having a chip on his shoulder helped him push through and finish the internship with flying colors.

As a sales engineer for Vertical Systems LLC, Sean helps design, develop and install HVAC systems. You will get a peek into Sean’s role and daily responsibilities in this segment of the show. Specifically, we discuss the importance of developing versatile skill-sets so that you can work with multiple people across a wide range of spectrums and just get the job done.

Do not miss this one!

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • The real definition of sales and marketing
  • Why you need to work on developing versatile skill-sets
  • Embracing the unknown, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • And so much more…

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