35: Chris Bates | Showing Tenacity And Building A Sustainable Business

Why are most entrepreneurs unable to grow and scale their business? And in the process, unable to realize their fullest potential?

On today’s show, we interview the CEO and founder of Teacher Zone, Chris Bates who shares with us distilled wisdom on goal-setting, tenacity, and building a long-term, sustainable business.

As always, we start this show with Chris sharing his definition of excellence. You will learn that while goal-setting is important, constant never-ending improvement is imperative for those aspiring to be excellent.

Growing up, Chris aspired to be a rockstar. But unlike many of us, he actually packed up his bags and moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams.

After a while Chris decided to transition to real estate investing after four years, he shares some important lessons that he learned from this stint of his in this segment of the show.

You will learn why you should pick a scalable business model with the potential of generate recurring revenue. And if you have a transactional business that you are struggling to scale, listening to Chris will surely inspire you to level up.

Currently, Chris manages Teacher Zone which is a SAAS-business for teaching organizations.

You will also learn the importance of showing tenacity and following through on your ideas in today’s show.

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What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why you cannot be a successful artist without being a good business person
  • The basics of creating a sustainable business with consistent, recurring revenue
  • Why did I give up on my dream of being a rockstar?

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