36: Calvin Cox | Living Off Your Investments – A Roadmap To Financial Freedom

How can you truly achieve financial freedom and accumulate enough capital so that you can live off your investments?

On today’s show, we interview real estate agent and investor, Calvin Cox who shares with us his money philosophy. You will learn how to inculcate financial discipline so that you achieve the ultimate dream – living off your investments.

Growing up, Calvin worked multiple jobs in high school and college which taught him the importance of great work ethic.

However, it was not until he was 27 that Calvin understood the power of compounding. A chance meeting with a financial advisor proved to be a complete eye-opener, and Calvin decided to invest $2,000 every month – a habit that he has stuck to for the past 23 years.

Alongside, Calvin also managed to build a large real estate portfolio and start his mortgage company – which he sold at the age of 39.

Today’s show is all about inculcating discipline and delayed gratification so that you can hit your biggest financial goals.

If you want to live off your investments, and truly enjoy great work life balance, listening to today’s show can help you chart out a roadmap.

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What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How do I decide that real estate investing was right for me?
  • Sacrifices that I made in my twenties that I don’t regret making
  • How has my vision evolved over the years?
  • A roadmap to financial freedom and living off your investments
  • And so much more…

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