38: Steve Brazeel | Working Smarter and The Shockingly Simple Basics of Success

On today’s show, we interview Steve Brazeel, founder and CEO, Sunterra Produce show who shares with us his distilled wisdom on work ethic, and working smarter, and the foundational elements that contribute to success.

Growing up, Steve spent 18-hour days helping his father on the farm. And so, while his upbringing instilled in him great work ethic, the importance of working smarter eventually dawned upon Steve.

Upon graduating from the University of Arizona, Steve worked with industry giants like Sun World International and the DiMare Co. In this segment of the show, you will learn how Steve took massive pay cuts just because he could learn more and gain more depth.

Eventually, his desire to generate greater and greater value led him to entrepreneurship.

Founded in 2000, SunTerra has grown from a one-person firm to an industry leader catering to giants like Walmart, COSTCO and Trader Joe’s.

This show will surely inspire you to put your best self forward.

Do not miss!

What You Will Learn

  • Working smarter, using your brain and not your back
  • The biggest (and shockingly simple) contributors to success
  • How to generate more and more value as a professional and as an entrepreneur
  • And so much more…

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