4: Omar Zarabi | Fueling Your Passion and How to Remain in the Constant Pursuit of Excellence

Ever wondered how the Kobe Bryant’s, Tom Brady’s, and Michael Jordan’s of the world stay on the top of their game?

On today’s show, we interview the incredible Omar Zarabi, Founder and CEO, Port53 who shares with us his wisdom on excellence, passion, and goal-setting.


As a 4-year-old kid from Afghanistan who did not know a word of English, Omar was constantly bullied by his classmates.

And when you are picked on for being different, one of the two things can happen – either you withdraw into a shell. Or, like, Omar, you grow up with a chip on your shoulder.

Determined to prove everyone wrong, Omar was driven to excel from a very young age. So, needless to say, he was great in sports and academics in high school. He graduated with a degree in Economics from UC Davis and took up the CollegeWorks internship at this juncture.

Upon graduation, he got a sales position at OpenDNS (which was later acquired by Cisco). Alongside, he also started his first entrepreneurial venture, BlueBoard. Currently, Omar is the Founder and CEO of the cyber-security firm, Port53.

A hugely successful entrepreneur, Omar is driven by his passion and his thirst for excellence.  Learn how a firm commitment to above-average goals can motivate you to put your best self forward. And how you can stoke your passion in constant pursuit of excellence.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How to constantly reset the bar higher and higher
  • Cheat codes for cultivating a positive mindset
  • Setting above-average goals for above-average results
  • How I started an IT company without zero coding knowledge
  • And so much more…

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