6: Rob Sprong | Building an Excellence Mindset: What Successful Leaders Do That Others Don’t

What do successful business leaders do differently? What is the “secret sauce” that enables them to outperform the competition again and again?

In today’s show of The Excel Today podcast, we interview Rob Sprong, President, KeenView, and CollegeWorks who shares what excellence means to him. He reveals his four main excellence drivers and shares why it is important to constantly benchmark yourself against your high-performing peers.


Early on in his story, Rob realized the importance of putting his absolute best self forward. Playing baseball and football in high school and college helped Rob develop his incredible work engine.

Additionally, at UC, San Diego, Rob set up a thriving tutoring business before he discovered College Works. College Works played a huge role in helping Rob discover his path to being an accomplished businessman as he successfully managed painting projects worth thousands of dollars.

As the President of Keenview, Rob and his team help businesses assess and address internal vulnerabilities. Particularly, he talks a great deal about what it takes to develop and nurture dream vendors who move the needle forward.

Other topics discussed in today’s show include how to manage the challenges of working from home, and tips for getting into the right headspace.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • The four factors of excellence
  • Leadership rules of conduct that I have always lived by
  • How to find and to nurture dream vendor relationships
  • My morning routine, and how it  helps me get into the right headspace
  • And so much more…




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