63: Sharran Srivatsaa | Achieve Success by Delivering 10% More than You Promised

In today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt chats with Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO at Srilo Ventures, Host of Business School Podcast, and Creator of 5 am Club for Entrepreneurs.

Sharran completed his master’s at Vanderbilt University. Despite coming to America from India with only one year of education funded, he was incredibly innovative in college. This laid the foundation for him to become a successful serial entrepreneur.

As he shares his story, Sharran will discuss his dyslexia, tone-deafness, and ADHD in high school and how he avoided being institutionalized by the educational system.

He will also talk about a traumatic experience that he kept secret from his parents and how therapy helped him open up.

You will discover what Sharran believes everyone should strive for and his three most important learnings.

Sharran will reveal one of the most impactful sacrifices he’s made in his life.

Join Mat and Sharran as they dive into an inspiring conversation about success, retirement, and figuring out what you’re excellent at.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Sharran’s definition of excellence.
  • The importance of a good support system.
  • How Sharran and his business partner met.
  • Sharran’s advice on how to make people invest more in you.
  • The email-sprinkler system that will accelerate your success.
  • And so much more…

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