67: Conrad Kaminsky | Extreme Ownership for Success

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt chats with Conrad Kaminsky, one of the “District Managers of the Year” at College Works Painting. Despite his immense success at College Works, Conrad decided to take an unconventional career path.

He started as a framer and now, at 23, is general manager of Saalfeld Construction Roofing.

As he shares his story, Conrad will talk about his incredible achievement at College Works as the department’s record holder and the important lessons he learned.

He will also talk about his journey as CEO and how the skills he gained at College Works have benefited his career.

You’ll learn why Conrad gave up soccer and switched colleges.

Conrad will talk about his day-to-day work as CEO and new projects for Saalfeld.

Join Matt and Conrad as they dive into a fascinating conversation about continuous improvement, self-appreciation, and value creation.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Conrad’s definition of excellence.
  • What Conrad took away from College Works and the impact it had on his career and life.
  • How to be proactive instead of reactive.
  • And so much more…

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