73: Codi Martin | Integrating CollegeWorks Values for Success

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt chats with Codi Martin, a Certified Field Inspector at Foundation Recovery Systems.


Codi joined CollegeWorks as a freshman and worked his way up to Vice President. In doing so, he laid the foundation for his success and is now in a position to help customers protect their most valuable investment – their home.

As he shares his story, Codi will talk about his experiences growing up in the small town of Fredonia, who he was before coming to CollegeWorks, and the important lessons he learned.

He’ll also talk about his work as a Certified Field Inspector.

You’ll learn about Codi’s biggest struggle during CollegeWorks and how he dealt with it.

Codi will share how his CollegeWorks internship colleagues turned out to be much more than he expected.

Join Matt and Codi for an exciting conversation about leadership with EQ, fatherhood and friendships.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Codi’s definition of excellence.
  • Codi’s most important lessons from CollegeWorks and how they’ve impacted his career.
  • The importance of investing time in your friends.
  • And so much more…

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