84: Nevena Milosevic | Achieve Success by Building Your Professional Network

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt chats with Nevena Milosevic, Program Manager at Care Continuity. Nevena started off her career out of college working as a healthcare consultant, focusing particularly on the member service experience and advocating on patients’ behalf within the healthcare system.


After working in a direct member services role, she wanted to shift gears and move in the direction healthcare was moving, working in the field of healthcare technology while still supporting patients and hospitals. Her current company works to bring technology and people together while supporting overwhelmed hospitals and physicians to keep patient care streamlined and satisfactory.

Nevena will discuss her definition of excellence. You’ll understand that once you realize your potential, you can achieve anything that you desire. She will talk about her healthcare consulting profession, including her first job working with Ernst & Young (EY) and Walgreens. You’ll discover what it takes to be successful in healthcare consulting regardless of your degree. Most people believe that healthcare is solely clinical; however, in the United States, administration currently accounts for more than 40% of healthcare profit. She will talk about her ambitions to build a career, not a job, and finding her path throughout college. You’ll discover where the majority of people gain their career exposure.

She’ll also discuss her College Works experience and the opportunities it provided as one of the year’s district managers. You’ll learn how College Works functions as a friend screening program. She will also highlight several entry-level consulting roles as well as her day-to-day operations in her management capacity. You’ll understand why it’s better to start working for a large firm after college rather than a start-up. She’ll explain why she was drawn to Care Continuity.

Join Matt and Nevena as they dive into a fascinating conversation about realizing your potential, building relationships in your career, and healthcare consulting.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Nevena’s definition of excellence.
  • The college majors that can lead to a career in health care consulting
  • Why has she always been drawn to health and wellness?
  • The importance of building relationships in your career
  • How she got started in healthcare consulting.
  • Nevena’s most important takeaways from College Works.
  • Nevena’s message to herself
  • And so much more…

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