9: Marissa Wiegand | How My CollegeWorks Internship Helped Me Secure My Dream Job at Caterpillar

Ever wondered how the right internship can steer you towards success?

In today’s show, Matt interviews Marissa Wiegand, Budget Accountant, Caterpillar Inc. who shares with us her thoughts on excellence, relationships, and the importance of making sacrifices.


Back in high-school, Marissa was the typical overachiever with a 4.0 GPA. However, once she started college, she was no longer a “big fish in a small pond”, and found herself out of sorts for the first semester. Admittedly, Marissa was not living up to the high standards of excellence that she had set for herself.

This is when she found CollegeWorks.

Marissa went all out to ensure that her CollegeWorks internship was a success. She talks about sacrificing her social life and spending hours knocking on stranger’s doors. Her then-boyfriend and now husband even drove Marissa around to help her out.

Listeners will learn how this experience taught twenty-year-old Marissa to say yes to more things. And how she got the confidence and the push to join other student organizations.

What’s more, her internship helped her secure a job at Caterpillar upon graduation. Marissa’s experience helped her stand out among a sea of candidates, and she shares how the interviewer was left dumbfounded once they heard what all she had done at CollegeWorks.

Today, Marissa manages a $200 million budget at Caterpillar. Other than her accounting and analytical skills, she reveals how building great relationships have helped her quickly rise through the corporate ranks.

Tune in to get inspired!

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • The meaning of excellence
  • How CollegeWorks gave me the confidence to put myself out there – and to say yes to more things
  • How CollegeWorks helped me secure my dream job
  • Why building relationships is the one thing that can help you rise through the corporate ranks
  • And so much more…


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