99: Lulu Lantzy | How to Build Grit in the Next Generation

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt talks with Lulu Lantzy, Chief Activation Officer at Auraria Higher Education Center and board member of the Asian Chamber of Commerce Colorado Board of Directors. Lulu, named one of the 40 Under 40 by the Denver Business Journal and one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Business by the Women’s Chamber, has dedicated her career to mentoring and supporting students.


Immigrating to America at the age of nine sparked her interest in entrepreneurship. She will talk about how she turned her feelings of jealousy and bitterness when she had to work in high school into motivation. You’ll learn about her college experience, why it sucked to have so much free time for the first time, and how working multiple jobs improved her academic performance.

After working as executive vice president at College Works for several years, Lulu joined Emily Griffith Technical College as director of innovation and partnerships. She will talk about her true calling, what led her to Emily Griffith, and rural college recruitment versus high-ranking colleges. You will learn the difference between her current position and her previous position at Emily Griffith, as well as the impact she hopes to make at Auraria. You will also learn about the skills she learned at College Works that are essential in succeeding in corporate America. She will give young people one piece of advice that can completely change their lives.

On a more personal level, she will talk about her solo travels as they share their fascinating experience of traveling to Saudi Arabia together.

Join Matt and Lulu for a fascinating conversation about using past jealousy to drive achievement, being more productive and letting go of jealousy, and transitioning from entrepreneurship to corporate.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Lulu’s definition of excellence
  • How to turn jealousy into motivation
  • The importance of trying a variety of activities during high school and college
  • Lulu’s biggest take away  from College Works
  • What aspects of being an EVP Lulu has enjoyed the most
  • How to get a good internship
  • The importance of giving back to the community.
  • And so much more…

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