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Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary In 3 Easy Steps

After a long day of work, back-to-back PTA meetings, coaching your daughters cheerleading team or your sons football team, and trying to manage your over-scheduled life, you need a place to unwind and relax. Your home should be your sanctuary, but we all know most of the time your home is the hardest place for you to relax.

College Works Painting has created a list of 3 tricks to turn your home into a place where you can truly relax and rejuvenate so you can keep on top of the crazy life you love.

Turn your home into a sanctuary: 3 easy steps

1) Declutter your space: We are all guilty of using the excuse “my house is too small” or something similar, but I can guarantee someone out there has a smaller home than you. A study from Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute proves that physical clutter negatively affects ones ability to focus and process information. Taking the time to declutter your home is the first and the most important step in creating a space where you can relax. Schedule time to go through each room and weed out the things that are unnecessary and cause chaos in your home.

2) Make bedtime media-free time: Using media before bed over-stimulates your senses and encroaches on your ability to relax and receive a proper nights rest. Many studies show that teens using technology, like cell phones and laptops, before bed leads to a lack of sleep or even sleep disorders. Don’t think this issue is limited to those still I’m high school; Adults are just as negatively impacted by late night media. An article in Time Magazine suggests that turning off cell phones, TV’s, and laptops an hour before bed will greatly increase the quality of your sleep.

3) Embrace everything natural: Nature is relaxing. Obviously it is not possible to bring your backyard into your living room, nor would anyone actually want to, but what is possible is enjoying natural lighting, fresh smells, and soothing sights.

  • Lighting: Sunshine creates positive energy and helps us to feel refreshed. Open the curtains or replace those dark, heavy drapes with gentle, light, cotton curtains that allow natural light to fill your home. Once the sun goes down replace the natural light with candle light to keep the relaxation throughout your home.
  • Smell & sight: Both flowers and candles are great ways to enhance relaxation in your home. Both give your home a relaxing scent and decoration. When picking out a scent or color be sure to think about what colors or scents relax you and which ones cause you to be more stimulated.


These three easy things will help turn your home into the sanctuary you look forward to coming back to after a long day. In no time your home will be a place you find peace, tranquility, and break from the stress-filled world of work, appointments, and traffic jams.

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