Finding a reliable resource for high-quality house painting can be a challenge. So can paying for college. College Works Painting offers a unique solution for both. Training and helping young entrepreneurs manage their very own business, we give them the chance to earn their way through school, while offering homeowners a smart, affordable way to beautify and invest in their home. With College Works Painting, everybody wins.

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With exterior painting, homeowners need to make sure that the paint used on the exterior is weatherproof. Only the top-of-the-line acrylic paints are basically immune to weathering and won’t breakdown, chip or stain in the way that interior house paints, or cheaper lines, might do in the event that they become exposed to water, wind, solar or other climate conditions.

  • Free estimates!
  • A variety of prep work
  • Pressure washing
  • Exterior house painting
  • Color design consultations
  • Deck painting & Fence painting

To put it directly, we use only the top grades of paint, applying the right amount of energy to the preparation of your paint project, and a coating that is going to guard your home effectively and assist in keeping your costs to a minimum.




Each home we paint comes with a complimentary one year guarantee of quality, which is industry standard. College Works Painting also offers extended warranty options. We invite homeowners to purchase a three, four, or five year guarantee of quality. For extended warranty options, please contact a warranty specialist at our corporate headquarters at 888-450-9675 or ask your College Works Painting intern for further details.



For homes needing two coats of paint, or homeowners looking to add 2 to 4 years to the life of their paint job, we offer our premium service plan. Our premium service plan is founded on extensive preparation that enhances paint adhesion to the surfaces of your home. This will not only add two to four years to the life of the paint job, it will also make your chosen color appear richer and brighter.

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