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Intern (Former Employee) - Chicago, IL - January 21, 2022

I had an awesome experience as an intern, but it was also the most challenging thing I had ever done. This internship teaches you hard work and perseverance, and the reward is definitely worth it if you’re up for the challenge. I made 20k, got a free trip to Cancun, and made friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life. The clients you get to work with are also very cool, I learned a lot just from doing estimates with people in professions I didn’t know much about.

Intern Manager (Former Employee) - Chicago, IL - March 13, 2019

College works painting gives you the the opportunity to manage all aspects of your own paint crew with the backing of a large national company. Through extensive training and continual training throughout the experience you will gain the knowledge and skills to forward your career.

Sales Associate (Former Employee) - Champaign, IL - July 18, 2018

This was just a temporary position to have while in college. It did teach you persistence and sales skills though. You get paid the more you hustle, if you don’t hustle you don’t make money.

Executive Vice President (Current Employee) - Chicago, IL - February 14, 2018

Having worked at College Works for all of college I can safely say there is no better experience for a motivated college student. The amount of real world skill development is unparalleled. If you are driven and hard working than this is a no brainer.

District Manager (Current Employee) - Chicago, IL - February 14, 2018

Working at CWP has been the best decision I’ve made. I am able to use what i learn in the classroom out in the field. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking to gain valuable business experience.

District Manager (Current Employee) - Champaign, IL - September 11, 2016

This internship is by no means easy. However, it is the most rewarding job I have ever had. If you’re a hard worker, you will do very well with this internship. You get out what you put in, and if you are willing to put the hours in, it will be an amazing experience for you.

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - Arlington Heights - April 28, 2015

The internship program was designated for college age students looking to run their own start up company and learn entrepreneurial skills. The potential to make money is quite high, much better than a regular minimum wage job, because workers are paid based off their worth. A typical day at work could range from cold calls, marketing, networking, sales presentations (estimates) or running and operating a crew of workers. The hardest part of the job was managing the frequent trips between school and my hometown, as a large majority of the work was set up on weekends during the school year. The most enjoyable part of the job was how much knowledge I learned and the amount of growth I saw myself have.

District Manager (Current Employee) - Champaign, IL - May 6, 2014

I first started as an intern–branch manager in the spring of 2009. Ever since then my experience has been positive. I learned many skills including soft skills, profit maximization, communication, sales, and the list goes on. It taught me to really push myself and built a great work ethic.

Branch Manager (Current Employee) - Crystal Lake, IL - October 30, 2013

Working for College Works Painting has been unlike anything else I have ever done. Every person that I have worked with here truly cares about my success and does everything they can to push me to be the best that I can. I have gained confidence, bettered my ability to communicate, and feel that I am much more prepared for the real world than the average college student.

Managing a business was definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, but by working as hard as I could and not letting myself get discouraged, I ended up running an extremely successful business. I cannot think of any other internship or job that would be as rewarding as this one, and I would highly recommend it to any hard working, dedicated, and motivated college student who is looking to stand out from the crow.