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College Works Painting in Indiana

College Works Painting Indiana is dedicated to offering our interns a distinctive “beyond-the-classroom” experience that equips them with the tools they need to excel in the world of business. Our vision is rooted in delivering a world-class, hands-on educational journey that immerses individuals in the mechanics of the professional realm. Our internship program empowers students to take charge of their local businesses, lead their teams, and provide valuable community services while gaining both financial rewards and priceless real-world expertise.

At the core of College Works Painting Indiana is our unwavering belief that young adults with drive, ambition, and commitment can achieve extraordinary accomplishments when provided with the right opportunities, guidance, and support. As a result, we have successfully built one of the world’s largest residential painting companies. The value of the College Works Program extends beyond financial gain; it encompasses the firsthand, real-world insights gained through business management, leadership development, and entrepreneurial skill-building. Our internship experience comprises comprehensive training and one-on-one mentorship, empowering interns to spearhead marketing campaigns, manage resources, oversee personnel, and, throughout the process, discover their own potential and capabilities.

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