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Painter (Former Employee)

The very first day, excitement and enthusiasm was shown to the employees by the project manager. Time was taken out of the day to make sure employees were properly trained on safety, use of equipment and techniques .A typical day at college works consisted of showing up to the job site promptly at 8am. Inspecting equipment for deficiencies. Assessing what job needed to be done, was it a lead based paint house? or could we proceed without going through lead safety protocol? What areas need to be scraped? Are we priming?Management did an excellent job assigning employees amongst job sites.The hardest part of the job was getting over fear of heights. Other than that, work was repetitive, so I had the chance to really understand the process of prepping, painting and hitting measurable, attainable deadlines at job sites.Thanks to my awesome job at college works, lasting friendships were formed and memories made.

Crew Chief Manager/Painter

It can get a bit hectic at times, but I learned a lot from working for College Works Painting CO in terms of leadership, marketing, and working as a team.

Marketer and Painter

Working for College Works Painting, not only do you paint and remodel houses, you also cold call, direct market and produce leads for the company outside of painting. On sites, I was to manage the small team of painters from day to day. This gave me an overall understanding of the business structure instead of simply painting.

Seasonal Painter (Former Employee)

Learned how to excel with customer service and sell paint. I was on a team of three and I was in charge of getting the houses painted with a performance based pay. The most enjoyable part of the job was working outdoors, the least enjoyable part of the job was getting sent home because of rain!

Branch Manager (Current Employee)

This internship has devloped me in many ways. I have learned all aspects of running a business from marketing, sales, management, and customer relations. I believed that this internship has made me more marketable in the workplace and opened many doors for me.
I have been given the opportunity to advance in this company and am now a district manager. I would not be the person I am today without College Works Painting.

Regional Branch Manager (Former Employee)

The experience taken away can really help in future interviews. You can learn a lot of valuable lessons if you work hard and stick with it.