College Works Painting provides you with “the outside the classroom” experience you need to find your edge and excel in the business world. The company vision is to deliver a hands-on, world-class, life-changing learning experience about the mechanics of the professional world. With College Works, you can become one of tomorrow’s leaders by putting yourself in charge today!

The core belief at College Works Painting is that young adults with drive, ambition, and commitment can do amazing things when given the right opportunity, instruction and support. The goal is simple: To provide a life-changing experience to young people who enroll in the student internship program. Thus far, has built one of the largest residential painting companies in the world. The value of the College Works Program is not just about the money you can earn, it’s also about the first-hand, real-world experience you will gain by running a business and learning how to lead, how to be a manager and how to be an entrepreneur. Your internship will include comprehensive training and one-on-one work with a mentor. Then, you will launch a marketing program, handle supplies, manage personnel and learn quite a few things about yourself in the process.