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You’re looking to challenge yourself with a hands­-on leadership experience. You’d like to take your college career to the next level by gaining skills you won’t learn in the classroom. You’d like to make money to help pay for your living and school expenses, and working at Starbucks over the summer just isn’t cutting it.

College Works

College Works Painting teaches university-level students how to build and manage their own professional house painting business. The experience gives participants an opportunity to earn money for college, to learn essential business skills and to gain an edge in the ever-competitive business world. Plus, they learn the fundamental value of delivering quality by providing area homeowners with a fantastic paint job.

90% of the College Works alumni become gainfully employed immediately after graduating or shortly thereafter.

85% of alumni earn over $75,000 annually within five years of launching their post-collegiate business career.


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This year, the Vault ranking service placed College Works Painting as the #1 Internship for Overall Career Development, Real-Life Experiences, and networking Opportunities. The Vault Flyer can be downloaded HERE with reviews, hiring process information, sample interview questions, and day-to-day responsibilities — all straight from College Works training protocols. Vault’s mission is to provide students and professionals with accurate information on internships and leadership training programs. In doing so, they help the business leaders of tomorrow build the careers they want, and to partner with companies seeking to attract candidates who are pursuing high-potential careers.


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The success of past interns is such that an entire website is dedicated to their achievements. Each year, College Works reaches out to alumni with a brief questionnaire so that updates on their careers can be posted.

Click here for stories about College Works alumni, where they are now and how their College Works internship helped them get there.


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Do you have the desire and the drive to be successful? The College Works internship is a uniquely challenging opportunity wherein you can own and operate your very own painting business. You are provided with everything you need to be successful including guidance, support, training, mentorship and so much more.

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