As a Foreman / Crew Chief for College Works, you will learn an array of manual painting skills along with the many facets of project management.

Your technical training will take place at one of the company materials supplier locations as well as on the job under other foremen and crew chiefs. Your soft skills -- aka business skills -- will be developed on the job as well, as you learn to contact potential clients, sell them your painting services and render the work in a timely and professional manner. On any given day, you will be coordinating painters and job sites, communicating with clients and dealing with suppliers to get materials and tools to the job site.

You will spend plenty of time outdoors, in the presence of other personable students and on multiple job sites per week. You will help render the painting, organize the workflow, ensure proper cleanup and arrange payment from the customer -- along with numerous other duties.

This job is perfect for someone who loves a fast-paced work environment with plenty of challenges to meet and people to coordinate with throughout the day. Each day, you’ll have a list of management tasks to accomplish while coordinating painters, interacting with customers and supervising workmanship quality. You will have an excellent opportunity to begin developing a highly-marketable set of business skills centered around communication, integrity, accountability, quality and professionalism.

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College Works
505 5th Ave., #729 Des Moines, Iowa 50309

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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 22 Aug 2022

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