Adam Bordoni
2 weeks ago
Brennan Logan was the young man that came to our house to write the estimate for the house painting project. Not only was he respectful and friendly, he also had a wealth of knowledge. This was a very difficult project as our house at the backend is 3 stories tall. He walked us through step by step on how the project would proceed. You would think that would be the last time you'd see the person writing up the contract. Nope. Brennan was there everyday assisting the painters with various tasks. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the attention to detail that Brennan Logan, Hunter B., and Evan had throughout the whole project. In summary, we could not have asked for a better experience than what we had with College Works and Brennan Logan!
Melody Dodge
3 weeks ago
The crew scrapped, primed and painted. They did a great job transforming the look of the home! Nice job! Neighbors were impressed.
Dave & Jenny Turner
10 months ago
We hired Bryce Westmoreland and his crew to paint the exterior of our home and he and his crew did an amazing job. Our house has lots of eaves and overhangs and they meticulously worked to ensure that everything was done to our satisfaction. I have already recommended them to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so! Take a look at our beautiful house and you can see what a great job they didūüėä
Jana Strunk
10 months ago
Sara Johnson just completed painting our home and it is absolutely beautiful!! She helped so much in the decision making process, was thorough and efficient!! College Works is fortunate to have such a hard-working individual on their team.
Kenneth King
3 years ago
Josh Peterson and his crew of quality young men just completed the job of painting our home. From the initial conversation to the consultation to the actual painting, Josh was in constant communication to give us status of the project. When the day arrived for Day #1, the crew shows up in full force (a few extra hands were there to receive some final required training). Each day, the crew was courteous and professional. Always answering my questions about whatever was on my mind. I must say, all were well-spoken, personable guys. Clean-up after each day was appreciated. Josh would go over the day's progress and what to expect the next day. It took a little longer than scheduled due to some tricky braces and our entry way porch that was not standard and had to be done with roller and since they were not satisfied with the paint coverage, they put on a second coat. That is a standard of quality that I expect and we didn't mind at all of the extra day or two. At the end of the job, we were very pleased with the quality of work this crew of college guys performed. We recommend Josh Peterson and his paint crew from College Works Painting.

College Works Painting Reviews in Kansas:

Branch Manager (Current Employee) - Kansas City, KS - February 28, 2021

College works allowed me to learn marketing, sales, management, and client relations all at 18-20 years old. It has set me up with many job offers. I do recommend this internship if you plan on going into business or management in the future. I have not heard anything bad about College Works from anyone who has completed the internship.

Painter, Interior and Exterior (Former Employee) - Lawrence, KS - March 2, 2020

My time at College Works Painting was enjoyable, but also very tough in terms of the hard work we did day in and day out. I enjoyed working with my co-workers as well. The days were flexible and it was fun to see ourselves improve in our efficiency as we continued to work.

Executive Manager (Former Employee) - Topeka, KS - November 3, 2019

– You structure your business with help from a manager who has been in your shoes before. A workplace culture that is second to none. Hardest part of the job you have to be self motivating and have the ability to push yourself to the limit to be successful. Easiest part of the job paid bi-weekly training and fun events during the summer (wake boarding, trip to College World Series, etc.) top performers received a paid trip to Cancun

Painter (Former Employee) - Topeka, KS - August 15, 2017

I worked for college works this summer for a summer job while I’m in college. I enjoyed working for college works and being able to make decent money while working hard and still have a good time while you work. The people I worked with this summer were amazing and made the summer a lot easier. I would strongly recommend working for College Works Painting.

Painter (Former Employee) - Wichita, KS - September 16, 2016

It’s a good summer job. I only came in for a few days to help my buddy finish up a job he had and don’t let some of these reviews fool you. This work stinks. It’s hard, tedious, your out in the heat for long hours, and it’s go go go. However it’s good in that this is what builds character. It’s a fantastic job to really get you to appreciate opportunities Kids have nowadays. For a man who needs to provide for his family not a good gig. For a kid trying to put away money for college? It’s awesome.

Branch Manager (Current Employee) - Wichita, KS - April 23, 2015

This job has been one of the hardest things I have done in my entire life, but I would not trade it for anything. I have gained so many useful skills that will always help me with my work and personal life. I don’t know of any other company that would let me run my own business as a college student with no risk to me.

Intern (Former Employee) - Emporia - December 1, 2013

I ran my own branch of a multimillion dollar company. I sold and produced over $83,000 worth of work. I marketed door-to-door personally as well as hired and trained five other marketers. I personally scheduled and completed estimates with customers. I built rapport with customers while developing an approximate cost to satisfy their painting need I accounted for materials cost, labor cost, and markup for each job. I made sales presentations to customers. I created and managed my own production schedule. I managed my own painting crews. They consisted of three separate two man crews that were interviewed, hired, and trained by me personally. I supervised each crew on and off-site. I personally reviewed and approved completed work first with the painting crew then with customers. I managed payroll for my painting crews as well as managed other costs associated with the painting process. I did all this while finishing my last semester of college (18 hours) and working a part time job (20 + hours per week).It was tough but I had a great deal of training and help from the companies many district managers as well as the vice president himself. I learned more than I could have ever imagined. I did stand out a bit as a top performer but I had many co-workers who continued to push me to do better throughout. We also have several company getaways or day retreats where the company pays for us to spend an entire day out having fun. The production checks are also pretty great.

Senior District Manager (Current Employee) - Emporia, KS - December 1, 2013

College Works is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking for an Internship. It is challenging. It pushes you. The learning experience is amazing. The management is awesome, they definitely talk to you like a real person, not talking down to you like a subordinate. The culture is the best part about it. The friendships you build with your fellow employees comes with all the fun trips we take and activities we do. I couldn’t imagine how a different internship could be any more rewarding or enticing than College Works.

Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) - Emporia, KS - December 1, 2013

I have enjoyed my employment at College Works Painting. My boss is very communicative, patient, and rewarding for the hard work I put in.