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Business Owner (Former Employee) - Minneapolis, MN - October 8, 2018

Collegeworks Painting is and internship program where one builds their own exterior painting from the bottom up. It is a challenging job but very rewarding. This internship taught me how to market for my business, acquire painting skills, hire my own employees, interact with potential costumers to make their houses look nice, do payroll, cold call costumers, schedule appointments and organize my schedule to better manage my business.

The workplace culture is encouraging in the sense that you are surrounded by people who are doing the same thing as you and you have one another to encourage and give advice to help each other out. The hardest part of the job was finding the self motivation. There were times where you just want to give up but you have to acknowledge that once finished it is all worth it. The most enjoyable part of the job was seeing the end result of a freshly painted house.

District Manager (Current Employee) - Mankato, MN - September 9, 2018

I just completed the internship summer 2018 and it was overall the most challenging and fun experience I have had. Hands-on management running two paint crews, time management with a busy schedule, building a professional network, building a client base, etc. is a lot of what I learned. Also had an amazing time in the bi-weekly events with the company with some super cool co-workers and district managers. The district managers, VPs, and actually everyone I met in the upper management were on their game all the time. Super great people who are killer at their job.

District Manager (Current Employee) - Duluth, MN - September 9, 2018

College Works is a busy job that focuses on developing character and overcoming learning curves in today’s working society by using painting as an intern-run business. This job is only for highly motivated individuals looking to set themselves apart from the rest of the working class at an early age. The job is challenging, supportive, educational and fun.

District Manager (Former Employee) - Minneapolis, MN - July 23, 2018

The hardest and most beneficial experience I have ever had. Management is very personable and is able to focus on personal goals along with professional.

Painter/Laborer (Current Employee) - Minneapolis, MN - August 31, 2017

The best job ive ever had. My supervisor is great and does his job perfect. Hours are great if you have a lot of extra free time. The only downside to this job is the lead prep.

Branch Manager (Top 20 (Former Employee) - Lakeville, MN - July 14, 2017

This place really shaped me into a business man. I learned every aspect of business from marketing, management, sales, payroll and customer service. I got to really see from start to finish when it came to getting a client to finishing the job which was a very rewarding experience.

General Manager (Former Employee) - Minneapolis, MN - June 5, 2017

This company was amazing to work with. I developed as a person and as an entrepreneur though hard work and a fast learning curve. I received excellent support from upper management and they took direct interest in every employee by giving us exactly what we needed to be successful. It was very fun to work there and there were great perks to the job, including traveling to cool places, bonuses and bi-weekly fun social events.

Painter/Crew Leader (Former Employee) - Minneapolis, MN - October 7, 2016

I was a painter for two years with the company and I really enjoyed my time working there learning a trade. The hours were long with having to start at 7:00am and going to 6:00pm, but management always looked out for us to make sure were staying hydrated through out the day. They made sure to have everything provided to us and made sure we got our 40 hours in for the week. I learned a lot about painting and was eventually trained to talk with clients to show them how we were progressing on the project.

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - Minneapolis - May 11, 2015

This internship is probably the most challenging yet rewarding one out there. You will learn all there is to know about how to run a business starting from the marketing to the sales, from hiring and staffing, to project management. You won’t find a better internship to immerse you on how businesses or organizations work.The leadership opportunity provided in this internship is nearly unmatchable. You are molded into a leader every single day. Part of that includes managing employees and customer expectations, but also leading other members of your intern team and being a positive influence on others.I recommend this internship hands down for anyone who truly wants to make a name for him/herself. Buckle up for a fun ride and you won’t regret it!

Branch Manager (Former Employee) - Minneapolis - November 20, 2013

This internship is what I like to call “Business Boot Camp.” It allows college students the opportunity to develop real world experience, earn some decent money, and build a lot of general life skills (time and management, working with all types of people, confidence). You will work longer hours than a typical job, but you get out as much as you put in.Running your own painting business allows you to experience every aspect of the small business cycle. You quickly see what you’re good at and what skills you need to improve on (sales, leadership, budgeting, etc.) You are able to practice being an entrepreneur, while have the security of a large company to support you with insurance and most importantly training. The management team is very committed to your success and will surpass your expectations for willingness to help you do well.Ultimately, if you get hired for the internship, the only thing from preventing you from making $20,000+ is how hard you want to work. The hard work is a short term sacrifice, because if you’re dedicated and do well in this internship you’ll be on the fast track for future career success.