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College Works Painting has helped over 5,000
Ohio grads start their first business

College Works Painting has helped over 5,000
Ohio grads start their first business

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Sean McDonald - Intern (Former Employee) - Ohio state University

CWP made me realize a lot about myself and my time management. Although I didn’t directly impact my job search much since I did it as a sophomore, it did give me the tools to graduate a year early through managing my time better, and knowing what I was capable of once I did start my career.

Kevin Horstman - Intern Manager (Former Employee) - Columbus, OH

I interned at Starbucks before accepting a full time offer to come back. I personally don’t believe that I would have been offered that Starbucks internship without CWP. Therefore I wouldn’t be where I am now without having that first CWP internship.

Jonathan Will - Sales Associate (Former Employee) - Columbus, OH

Being a bartender it helps to be able to strike a conversation with your clientele, needless to say for tips. All of the conversations I had with homeowners definitely prepared me and was a learning experience for having professional, yet personal conversations with the people I come across on a daily basis. As far as supervising goes, you can only improve through experience. The people you come across are always going to be different, but they all should be treated with the same principles. Having several crews throughout the two years gave me a better understanding of deciphering the good and not so good traits that employees possess. This led to me figuring out how to utilize each employee to maximize productivity. I now view delegation as more of a scientific process rather than just telling everyone what to do.

Blair Lane (Homeowner) - Columbus, OH - October 30, 2013

Patrick Flynn and his College Works painting team were very professional and thorough from the beginning of our project to the end. They presented to us in a succinct and mature manner and walked us through alternatives. They ultimately did a better job of presenting themselves and working within our timeframe and budget than crews that have been in town for years, which is why we selected them. Once on site, they continued to conduct themselves professionally and displayed a high level of skill. They did an excellent job of cleaning up the site each night before leaving. They arrived early in the morning and completed the job exactly when they said they would. We love our finished product and would use them again! We’d recommend College Works Painting to anyone!