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College Works Painting in Oklahoma

College Works Painting is pleased to offer the neighborhoods in Oklahoma an unmatched customer satisfaction rate of 97%. At College Works Painting, we pride ourselves in quality workmanship, at a fair price, with cleaner job sites and better communication with our homeowners. Summer internships for college students are the perfect opportunity to acquire invaluable work experience, satisfy college requirements, explore prospective careers, and find out about yourself. A internship will be the perfect chance to expand your book smart knowledge externally in real-world working environments.

College Works Painting was founded in 1993 and operates in over 20 states, hiring more than 2,500 college students every year as interns. The College Works Painting Internship is designed to give students an opportunity to build a competitive resume and gain marketable leadership skills. Our core values of entrepreneurial spirit, frequent training, and focus on safety ensure a professional paint job every time.

The College Works Painting program is designed to give students an opportunity to build a competitive resume and gain marketable business and leadership skills. At College Works Painting Illinois we know how important it is to have superior service as a homeowner. We also understand how frustrating it can be to need quality work experience as a college student. Let College Works Painting help you with your home improvement and/or internship needs.

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College Works Painting encourages corporate and field employee involvement within the various communities that we operate in. By choosing to work with groups and organizations that aim to improve our world, we hope to be a positive influence in the community. The following are organizations that we have worked with to help improve lives and build strong examples of charity and service.