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Ever wanted to know how successful entrepreneurs make it happen? Have you discovered the right career path that can transform your life and power you ahead? Find out the secrets to success from the most successful people in their field.

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104: Phong Vo | Finding Your Tribe

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt talks to Phong Vo, CEO of Phong Vo Media and host of The Phong Vo Show podcast. During the episode, Phong reveals how he transitioned from his job to a full-time entrepreneur. You’ll learn why you should look for internships. He’ll talk about finding his personal tribe through College Works and highlight the benefits that came with that.

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101: Johnny Rhee | Obsessive Pursuit of Excellence

On today’s episode of The Edge of Excellence, Matt talks to Johnny Rhee, founder and chief strategist of Next Door Home Upgrades. Johnny Rhee has over a decade of progressive business experience, including buying a struggling company in his early twenties and growing it into a top-performing business, as well as mentoring numerous executives and entrepreneurs. He believes in aligned values, teamwork and a culture of performance and accountability.

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